Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer is Coming!

Hey girls! So summer is coming soon and I have been super duper busy with track finals and school work and such. That is why I haven't been making as many tutorials, or as many videos. Sorry about that! Once it is summer I will be able to make a lot more, and update my blog more for those of you who like that:)
I also wanted to ask if anyone had any particular summer video looks or tutorials you would like me to do because I need some ideas! If you could comment below and tell me that would be great.
Well that is all for now, look out for a new tutorial coming soon!
(Oh and btw I have my track regionals on monday and tuesday so I won't be able to make videos until wednesday):)


  1. Hey where do you get your nike shorts at?=)

  2. i have medium hair and i really like the side briad can you make a video for ppl with medium hair and diffrent things you could still do with it cause the side briad doesnt really work with mine its about a little past my shoulders