Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 Things You Do Not Know About Me

Below I made a list of 10 things you most likely don't know about me:)
1. I have one sister who is 17, and a dog named Copper who is 6.
2. I run everyday, and just made it to regionals in track.
3. My favorite color is blue.
4. I love the Harry Potter books soo much. And have never read Twilight!
5. I have watched every episode ever made of Make It or Break It and Secret Life of the American Teenager, and I also watch American Idol even though this season doesn't have great people.
6. I just told my mom I make videos-like 6 months after I started making them.
7. I mainly buy all my own clothes and jewelry, but my mom will buy me makeup sometimes.
8. No one at my school knows about my youtube account, but my friend from another school knows.(and some of her friends she showed)
9. I eat a lot more food than people think I do. haha. but it is usually always healthy
10. I want to run in collage and get a scholarship for running:)


  1. I love Harry Potter & have never read Twilight too! lol it just doesn't appeal to me & my roommate got me to watch the movie but I didn't like it. And I've also seen every episode of secret life :) Never seen MIOBI but I really like Candace Cameron so I may start. What kinds of healthy foods do you eat? I want to start eating healthy too but I'm a really picky eater (like I don't like salad or most veggies) so it's really hard for me. Any ideas? :) Ps the pics of your dog are CUTE! I have two dogs :)

  2. Ya I don't really like twilight either! :) Well I don't really ever eat beef or chips and candy and junk food like that, and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and rice and chicken...and drink lots of water! I also like pasta a lot and eat fish. Thanks! What kind of dogs do you have?

  3. Wow how do you stay away from junk food?! Chocolate would be so hard for me to give up lol. Plus being at college, frozen foods & easy mac are so convenient & quick :/ So unhealthy. I'm going to try & do better though! I had broccoli, potatoes, and pork last night for dinner which made me feel good! haha :) I have a golden retriever named Paisley and a shih-tzu named Lilybug :)

  4. Oh ya you are right, being in college does make it tougher. My mom makes all my food, lol:) Good job! Aww they sound really cute