Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ski Trip

Hey girls! This is my first post on my blog that I will start posting on pretty regularly:) I wanted to explain a little more in detail about my ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. First, I flew to Dallas and than to Jackson Hole and I found out that dallas has the super cool vending type machines for regular stores! The three I saw that interested me was the Best Buy, Sephora, and Body Shop ones. I thought it was awesome you could buy ipods, makeup, lotions, and skin care products from vending machines! So next time you are in Dallas, you for sure should check those out.:)
After I got to Jackson Hole, I skiied for two days than took a day off to go to the town and do something fun. Our family got a really good sandwich at this unique little place and than went hiking to a lake. After that I went to the local track to run, since I am in the middle of my track season. The next three days I skiied more and than left the day after that to come back home. Overall it was a great trip and I improved my skiing skills! haha. It would we really cool if you guys could post below about your spring break and what you did or if you have ever been to Jackson Hole.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I went to Jackson Hole when I was about 11 or so and used to live in Utah.. my family and I drove there with my best friend. We didn't ski but did a lot of shopping (I commented about this on youtube.. I'm HelloKitty021). :) As for spring break.. I'm in college so mine was a couple weeks ago & I just volunteered at a children's hospital and laid out a bit in the sun since it got up to 70 (which is amazing for this time of year in Ohio!) :) I'm glad you had fun in JH! I hope I can go back some day.

  2. I never got to go shopping there! My family wants to go back next year though so I am sure I will:) That is really cool you volunteered at a children's hospital! It seems like it is getting hotter everywhere in the U.S. because it was like 80 in Texas today, and it was 50 at one point in Jackson Hole.